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Sino Biological Inc., headquartered in Beijing, China, specializes in the production of proteins, antibodies and high-quality reagents. The manufacturer offers its customers an attractive service and cost-saving production. Customers include the top 10 biopharmaceutical companies in the world and, of course, numerous other research institutions. Sino Biological provides high quality recombinant protein and antibody reagents and is a one-stop-shop for technical services for life science researchers around the world.

Sino Biological follows strict standards and quality control systems in the development and manufacture of biological reagents. The ISO 9001 certified company produces all products in-house. Company protocols ensure high quality through the use of advanced devices for the detection of proteins and antibodies. A powerful analysis of the biological cell activity is also provided. The extensive controls carried out by our partner guarantee a consistently high product quality for successful use in your laboratory.

Sino Biological has a number of advanced core technologies. The company's established technology platforms research and produce recombinant protein or antibody reagents with high throughput and high efficiency. You can fully shift research and development from the pilot phase to production. The production of recombinant antibodies is a key technology for industrialization of monoclonal antibodies. Sino Biological has a complete production platform for recombinant antibodies. The company relies on experience in the production of recombinant antibodies and is a reliable authority in this industry. Antibody gene sequences can be used directly and stably, without cumbersome immunization and screening processes. High throughputs and production requirements from milligrams to kilograms can be met without any problems.

The experienced research team at Sino Biological Inc. generates a wide variety of recombinant proteins that cover almost all important research areas. These include immune checkpoints, antibody drug targets, CAR-T cell therapy targets, Fc receptors, influenza virus proteins and cytokines. All recombinant proteins are of high purity and have validated bioactivity. With the recombinant proteins from Sino Biological, you will advance your scientific research, from the discovery of biopharmaceutical targets to protein structure and function analysis to cell therapy and characterization of recombinant enzymes.

Sino Biological and the Sars-CoV-2 pandemic

Coronaviruses are single-stranded RNA viruses. Seven types of these viruses are known to infect humans. Symptoms include respiratory problems of varying severity. HCoV-229E and HCoV-OC43, the two coronaviruses discovered in early years, cause colds. The other five coronaviruses cause more severe respiratory infections that can potentially be fatal. Since 2000, there have been three major global health crises caused by coronavirus, the SARS outbreak in 2003, the MERS outbreak in 2012, and the COVID-19 outbreak in 2019. These epidemics left many dead, which is why the COVID-19 outbreak is another wake up call for the biomedical community to understand the biology of these viruses in order to treat and prevent the infection. To aid in the fight against the coronavirus, Sino Biological has developed a comprehensive portfolio of recombinant viral antigens, including key proteins from all known human coronaviruses.

All coronaviruses have very similar structures. The two antigens of major pharmaceutical interest are the S (spike) protein and the N protein. The N (nucleocapsid) protein is often conserved and is therefore used as a diagnostic marker. The spike protein is primarily responsible for receptor binding and is a common target for vaccines and antibodies. The spike protein is especially important as its interaction with the host cell receptor is the critical step during infection. Different viruses can use different surface receptors for binding. The HCOV-NL63, SARS-COV and the new SARS-COV-2 virus all use the ACE2 receptor, while the MERS-COV virus selectively binds to the DPP4 receptor. The HCOV-229E virus targets the APN receptor. The remaining two common coronaviruses, HKU1 and OC43, bind to O-ac Sia.

CoV Antigens Description
Spike Receptor binding and membrane fusion; Target for antiviral treatment and vaccines
Nucleocapsid Genome replication and cell signaling regulation; A diagnostic marker
Hemagglutinin esterase Receptor interaction
Plpro Viral polyprotein cleavage and host innate immune response blockage; Target for drug development
3CLPro Polypeptides cleavage and IFN signaling inhibition
Envelope Assembly and release of the virus Vaccine candidates; Target for drugs development
Membrane Membrane and virion structure

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