RANK L/TNFSF11 Protein, Mouse (HEK293, C-His) European Partner

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Type Proteins Recombinant
Specific against other
Amount 10ug
Item no. HY-P7425B-10ug
eClass 6.1 34160400
eClass 9.0 42020190
Product Description
RANKL (TNFSF11), a type II transmembrane protein, is a receptor ligand for NF-κB (RANK). RANKL is an activator of NF-κB. When binding to NF-κB, it induces the differentiation of monocyte/macrophage-lineage cells into osteoclasts and leads to osteoclast precursor maturation. RANKL is critical for osteoclasts maturation, bone modeling, and bone remodeling, as well as the development of lymph nodes (LNs). RANK L/TNFSF11 Protein, Mouse (HEK293, C-His) is a recombinant mouse RANKL (R72-D316) with C-terminal 6*His tag, which is produced in HEK293.
Stored at -20°C. After reconstitution, it is stable at 4°C for 1 week or -20°C for longer. It is recommended to freeze aliquots at -20°C or -80°C for extended storage.
Gene ID: 21943 | Accession: O35235 (R72-D316)
[1].Ono T, et al. RANKL biology: bone metabolism, the immune system, and beyond. Inflamm Regen. 2020 Feb 7; 40:2. | [2].Li B, et al. Roles of the RANKL-RANK Axis in Immunity-Implications for Pathogenesis and Treatment of Bone Metastasis. Front Immunol. 2022 Mar 21; 13:824117. | [3].Tobeiha M, et al. RANKL/RANK/OPG Pathway: A Mechanism Involved in Exercise-Induced Bone Remodeling. Biomed Res Int. 2020 Feb 19; 2020:6910312. | [4].Shimamura M, et al. OPG/RANKL/RANK axis is a critical inflammatory signaling system in ischemic brain in mice. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2014 Jun 3; 111(22):8191-6. | [5].He X, et al. Resveratrol prevents RANKL-induced osteoclast differentiation of murine osteoclast progenitor RAW 264.7 cells through inhibition of ROS production. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2010 Oct 22; 401(3):356-62.
approximately 35.13 kDa

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