A proliferation-inducing ligand (April), Mouse

Hersteller GenScript
Typ Proteins
Specific against Mouse
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Product Line
Cytokine, Chemokines & Growth Factors
A Proliferation-inducing Ligand (April)), also known as TNSF13A, Tall-2, and TRDL-1, is a member of the TNF ligand (TNFL) superfamily. April is most similar to B-cell activation factor (BAFF) with which it shares 30% sequence identity, compete for two receptors, TACI and BCMA. APRIL is expressed at low levels in lymphoid tissue and is over-expressed by a number of tumors. April has a proliferative effect on both normal and tumor cell lines in vitro and in vivo. APRIL seems to be involved in the regulation of death and proliferation of tumor cells, but there are still contradictory findings regarding its overall biological effects.Recombinant mouse, A Proliferation-inducing Ligand (rmApril), produced in E. coli is a single non-glycosylated polypeptide chain containing 192 amino acids. A fully biologically active molecule, rmApril has a molecular mass of 21.9kDa analyzed by reducing SDS-PAGE and is obtained by proprietary chromatographic techniques at GenScript.
21.9kDa, observed by reducing SDS-PAGE.
> 95% by SDS-PAGE and HPLC analyses
Endotoxin Level
<0.2 EU/ug, determined by LAL method.
Specific Activity
Measured by its ability to induce cell proliferation of RPMI 8226 Cells.
Lyophilized recombinant, mouse A Proliferation-inducing Ligand (rmApril), remains stable up to 6 months at -80C from date of receipt. Upon reconstitution, rmApril should be stable up to 2 weeks at 4C or up to 3 months at -20C.
Lyophilized after extensive dialysis against 20mM acetic acid.
Reconstituted in ddH2O at 100 ug/ml.
Arg50--Leu241 -(accession number: Q9D777), expressed with an N-terminal Met.
Menge: 50.0ug
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