Human Neprilysin 2 (NEP2) ELISA Kit

Manufacturer Fivephoton
Type Elisa-Kit
Specific against Human
Amount 96T
ArtNr NEP2-ELISA-Biotin
Eclass 6.1 32160605
Eclass 9.0 32160605
Poisonous Material
Fully pre-configured ELISA kit in sandwich assay format.
Dynamic Assay Range: 3pg/ml - 900pg/ml. Sensitivity: 2.336pg/ml.
Rapid ELISA Protocol: Requires one 60 min incubation period at 37C.
Samples are mixed with the provided biotinylated detection antibody and provided streptavidin-HRP prior to addition to plate.
Available in 48T and 96T formats
The included ELISA micro-strip plate is provided pre-coated with an a monoclonal capture antibody selective to the antigen. Samples are pre-mixed with a provided biotin-linked detection antibody and provided streptavidin-HRP, which are then added to the plate. The plate is washed after a 60 min incubation period. Color reagents are added, resulting in a reaction with HRP that yields a blue colored solution. A stop solution is applied to terminate the reaction, and the solution is measured at 450nm.
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Amount: 96T
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