Array Assays

example of an array-assayUsing a cytokine array assay enables you to measure rapidly and accurately the expression levels of up to 200 cytokines from a small amount of samples in a single experiment.

Cytokines belong to a group of proteins which have an important function in immunological reactions. They regulate, among other things, cell growth and cell differentiation. Cytokines are divided into five different main groups: chemokines, tumor necrosis factors, interleukines, interferones and colony stimulating factors.




Importance of cytokines in biomedical research

Many biological processes such as apoptosis, inflammation, growth of new blood vessels (angiogenesis) and immunoresponse often accompany changes of cytokine expression levels. Cytokine profiles are also altered in disease status such as cancer, arthritis, atherosclerosis, obesity, diabetes and infection diseases. Thus measurement of cytokines and therefore cytokine array assays has broad application in basic biomedical research, drug discovery and biomarker discovery.

While with the help of cDNA microarrays the measurement of global expression levels of genes is comparatively easy, for proteins it was very complicated, costly and time consuming until now. Today the cytokine array assay system allows a simultaneous detection of protein expression levels in several hours inexpensively.


Principle of a cytokine array assay

The technology is designed based on the sandwich-ELISA (see figure).


A cytokine array assay can detect multiple cytokines in one sample

1. A panel of antibodies is immobilized in specific spot locations on the surface of a membrane. Those are the solid phase of the assay.

2. Incubation of the array membranes with biological samples result in the capture of cytokines by corresponding antibodies.

3. The bound cytokines are detected with a cocktail of biotinylated antibodies, thus the so called “sandwich complex” is formed.

4. Via biotin different marker molecules can be bound to the complex. Signals are then visualized using chemiluminescence, colormetry or infrared fluorescence, so that the data can be analyzed.


Advantages of cytokine array assays  

  • • Simultaneous detection of multiple cytokines in a single experiment.
  • • No special equipment required.
  • • High sensitivity that detects most proteins at pg levels.
  • • Requires as little as 100 µl of sample to detect over 174 cytokines.
  • • Affordable for routine use.
  • • Easy to use with minimal experience.
  • • Diversity of products: including human, mouse and rat.
  • • Can be used in diversity of biological samples.
  • • High variability: cytokine array assays can be manufactured as required.

 Applications of cytokine array assays

  • • Profiling of cytokine expressions.
  • • Monitoring cytokine levels in clinical trials.
  • • Identifying potential molecular targets for drug development.
  • • Identifying the molecular mechanism of drug action.
  • • Identifying crucial factors involved in disease processes.
  • • Discovering expression patterns for molecular classification of diseases.

Hölzel Diagnostika offers the following Array Assays:

  • RayBio® Human Cytokine Antibody Array 1 (Cat# AAH-CYT-1)
  • RayBio® Human Cytokine Antibody Array 4 (Cat# AAH-CYT-4)
  • RayBio® Human Cytokine Antibody Array 5 (Cat# AAH-CYT-5)
  • RayBio® Human Cytokine Antibody Array 6 (Cat# AAH-CYT-6)
  • RayBio® Human Cytokine Antibody Array 7 (Cat# AAH-CYT-7)
  • RayBio® Human Cytokine Antibody Array 8 (Cat# AAH-CYT-8)
  • RayBio® Human Cytokine Antibody Array 9 (Cat# AAH-CYT-9)
  • RayBio® Human Cytokine Antibody Array 10 (Cat# AAH-CYT-10)
  • RayBio® Human Inflammation Antibody Array 3 (Cat# AAH-INF-3)
  • RayBio® Human Angiogenesis Antibody Array 1 (Cat# AAH-ANG-1)
  • RayBio® Human Atherosclerosis Antibody Array 1 (Cat# AAH-ATH-1)
  • RayBio® Human Matrix Metalloproteinase Antibody Array 1 (Cat# AAH-MMP-1)
  • RayBio® Human Chemokine Antibody Array 1 (Cat# AAH-CHE-1)
  • RayBio® Human Growth Factor Antibody Array 1 (Cat# AAH-GF-1)
  • RayBio® Custom Human Cytokine Antibody Array (Cat# AAH-CUST)
  • For exact instructions for the use of each Array Assay, please read the attached manuals.

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